Saturday, March 5, 2011

Who I Be!!!

ME!!! I actually find it hard writing about my self (weird because i just had to for my grad school personal statements). But yea..Ill get to the Serious, Fun, Silly, Smart, And Odd facts about myself...

(The Serious stuff)
  1. I am a proud daughter of the Most High. I gave my life to Christ summer of 09 and Ive lived a challenging but yet very fulfilling life ever since. I am ever growing and learning new things about my self and about God daily and i am excited to see where God is going take me... I'm ready to continue this journey with Christ.. (yet slightly nervous).
  2. I am also a proud daughter of a beautiful Nigerian woman (huhumm where i also get my looks) who I love ever so dearly... She has raised me to be this strong woman you see today. We have our ups and downs but she resides in a special place in my heart...
  3. Luckily for me I don't have only one mother... Huh??? Yep God placed many beautiful ladies in my life who have raised me to know everything about God, Life, Fashion, Makeup and *cough cough* Men... And of course many the Men of God that I look to for fatherly advice.
  4. I have two cousin/sisters and two brothers.. I have MANY cousins, family members, and best of friends that i adore.. (If you haven't noticed I am a family person and I am lucky to have such a blessed family).
(O.K. On to the other random facts)
  1. I cannot spell for nothing.. Spell check is my best friend.
  2. I totally love meeting new people.. but in my head I am nervous of what to say.
  3. I completely and totally and utterly HATE being tapped. Oh gosh it freaks me out.... (its knda bad how much it bothers me).
  4. I have natural hair (Nov 09).. and Ive been playing with different *mixes* that are starting to grow my hair... (he he inbox me if you are interested).
  5. I have grown to love working out (my stress release).
  6. I am in so love with the Traditional Nigerian Wedding Journey and I am definitely having the FULL experience.. (AH everythin introduction, letter, gbogbo e!!!) 
  7. I'm interested in public Service and Iinternational Development work.
  8. I am in love with the art of Dance...
  9. I love to dance and attempt to sing...
  10. And lastly ive learnt to love me.. Because thats who i am best at being.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not all 9/10 year olds are brain washed by the media!!!!

This video has seriously made me smile today. Its amazing to know and see that some young people recognise the lies that are being told concerning beauty in our media. Keep it up ladies!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Playlist

As per request i have decided to list SOME of my favorite songs. Since im such a sometim(my) person i love every type of music ( well almost).. Ok let me get to the list.
In addition, my favorite stations on Pandora are- Asa, John Legend, John Mayor, India Arie, Israel Houghton, Hill Song, Music, Lecrae.

Gospel Music. (Songs, Artists and Albums)
  • Forever Jones- He Wants it All- 
  • Blessings of Abraham- Tri-City Singers
  • God is Able- Smokie Norfolk
  • Everything Na Double Double- Uche ( Naija)
  • Tye Tribbett ( I love alot of his songs)
  • Lecrae- This dude seriously gets me pumped for Christ.. especially the "Rehab" album- BEASTLY....
  • Isreal Houghton ( Ok Seriously I can have both the "Alive in South Africa" and "The Power of One" album on repeat and be good. This man is a power man of God and it shows through his music).
  • Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, Grateful, How great is our God, I am a friend of God, ( etc etc etc- I can seriously go on but im gonna move on to another genre).
Lovie Dovie. (Songs, Artists and Albums)
  • Gio- Every Breath (Ok.. Whenever i get married this is definitely gonna be one of my wedding songs- so beautiful)-
  • John Legend- Stay With You (The live version is so much better) (and more songs by him) (Wedding list)
  • Music- Don't Change ( and more songs by him)
  • Wande Cole- Ololufe
  • P Square- No one be like you ( Wedding List)
Every Day. (Songs, Artists and Albums)
  • Asa- I dont have one song.. I mean seriously every song that this woman has is on point.. and we have a lot in common..
  • India Arie- Multiple songs
  • John Mayor, Train, Adele, Jason Mraz, Justin Nozuka, Maroon 5, Michael Buble, Corrine Bailey Rae, Maxwell, Goapele, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill,
  • (The list does go on.. but i cant remember as of now...Haha. Ill add to it when i remember)
Naija/ African. (Songs, Artists and Albums)
         (I have to be careful- some of these songs... well.. the lyrics.. yeaaaa) (But ive gotten sooo into this genre lately because of my bush friends.. SMH)
  • Asa- Yep she is Nigerian
  • Wande Cole
  • Dbanj- Fall in love (My ring tone)
  • R2Bees
  • Alhaji- Coupe decale
  • Decale Gwada
  • 2Face Idibia
  • Oleku- Ice Prince
Im currently having a brain fart so this is all i can come up with as of now- but as you can see i love music and would love to find somemore. I hope you like my list.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy (----------) Day

As I am praying you know, today is February 14th 2011. This time every year many celebrate Valentine’s Day while some willingly; (well as they claim) celebrate Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D). So traditionally it’s the day that couples have an excuse to splurge on their partner or even catch an attitude when their partners “forget” (now there aint no way the media gon let you forget)… But seriously…Growing up, this was the day that many people found the confidence to profess their love to that person they’ve had googly eyes for the whole year. While others *cough cough* left their school bags visible in hopes that a secret admirer would not have a hard time finding it(lol)….. I would say all in all it was a cute day.
But as I have gotten older (and I am NOT old, despite what the children I work with say), I have taken a different outlook on whatever title it has. I call it “Thanks for being in my life... I love you” Day… Long title but the meaning still stands. I have been very fortunate to have MANY wonderful people in my life, starting with my mother and the hundreds more family and friends, who show me love and support on the regular. I mean, I can’t think of a problem that I’ve been through that I didn’t have someone to talk to about it or even get help from… Yall are truly truly truly, what makes my heart beat.. I LOVE YALL!!!
Most importantly, the reason for who I am, my Heavenly Father. It’s so wonderful to open His promise book and see all the promises that He has for me (us), or to open my eyes and see the many opportunities I have or even cry when I feel things aren’t going well and hear His comforting voice saying “It Will be Alright Because I Love You”.
So just enjoy today, regardless of having a significant other or not, and know that I love you and most importantly you are loved by God.
(Please read Romans 8:31-39)- Ive for real been stuck on that!!!

Im New at This Thing!!!

My first blog thingy!! Cool huh! Well ive always been a diary writer and a journal(er).. but its always been private.. but now i get to share my Random but Awesomeness with whoever tumbles on my page (get it!!!).. Ok im also a lame.
About me:
Disciple of Jesus Christ- I have dedicated my life to Christ and i do not regret this decision at all. I try to live a pleasing life daily but i do have my struggles because i am quite stubborn.. ( but He still loves me). But for the most part i would say i am on my best behaviour..( well i try).
Love love love my Family and Friends- They keep my heart beating. I am FOREVER on the phone or on skype. But i believe i have a valid escuse.
I am Proudly Naija- I love my culture, i was born in Chicago but i am very into my Nigerian roots. I lived there for 5 years of my life which has made me love it more.
Recent Grad- University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. ILL-INI- I love my undergrad, i only spent two years there but it felt longer than that..
Natural Hair- I did the big chop November 5th 2009 and my hair is SLOWLY but surely growing. Through the broken combs, the morning scares and the awesome  shrinkage i am LOVING it.
Finally- My spelling is horrible (hehe)…. Pls just look over it, im sure you know what i am trying to say.