Saturday, March 5, 2011

Who I Be!!!

ME!!! I actually find it hard writing about my self (weird because i just had to for my grad school personal statements). But yea..Ill get to the Serious, Fun, Silly, Smart, And Odd facts about myself...

(The Serious stuff)
  1. I am a proud daughter of the Most High. I gave my life to Christ summer of 09 and Ive lived a challenging but yet very fulfilling life ever since. I am ever growing and learning new things about my self and about God daily and i am excited to see where God is going take me... I'm ready to continue this journey with Christ.. (yet slightly nervous).
  2. I am also a proud daughter of a beautiful Nigerian woman (huhumm where i also get my looks) who I love ever so dearly... She has raised me to be this strong woman you see today. We have our ups and downs but she resides in a special place in my heart...
  3. Luckily for me I don't have only one mother... Huh??? Yep God placed many beautiful ladies in my life who have raised me to know everything about God, Life, Fashion, Makeup and *cough cough* Men... And of course many the Men of God that I look to for fatherly advice.
  4. I have two cousin/sisters and two brothers.. I have MANY cousins, family members, and best of friends that i adore.. (If you haven't noticed I am a family person and I am lucky to have such a blessed family).
(O.K. On to the other random facts)
  1. I cannot spell for nothing.. Spell check is my best friend.
  2. I totally love meeting new people.. but in my head I am nervous of what to say.
  3. I completely and totally and utterly HATE being tapped. Oh gosh it freaks me out.... (its knda bad how much it bothers me).
  4. I have natural hair (Nov 09).. and Ive been playing with different *mixes* that are starting to grow my hair... (he he inbox me if you are interested).
  5. I have grown to love working out (my stress release).
  6. I am in so love with the Traditional Nigerian Wedding Journey and I am definitely having the FULL experience.. (AH everythin introduction, letter, gbogbo e!!!) 
  7. I'm interested in public Service and Iinternational Development work.
  8. I am in love with the art of Dance...
  9. I love to dance and attempt to sing...
  10. And lastly ive learnt to love me.. Because thats who i am best at being.


  1. so many interesting things about you....i love your blog by the way. You can follow mine

  2. Thanks Sisi Yemmie. I will have a look and follow yours also.. Stay blessed.